powerspeaK12 is part of the Middlebury Interactive Languages family of products. Middlebury Interactive Languages is accredited through the Northwest Accreditation Commission as a virtual course provider allowing students to earn credit upon meeting course completion requirements.

Confirmation of Credit Approval by Local School

Parents are advised to check with their student's school to ensure the institution will accept the academic credit issued by Middlebury Interactive Languages.

Credit Granting Policy

Middlebury Interactive Languages may grant credit and issue an official transcript to students successfully completing a Teacher Supported with Credit course; Middlebury Interactive Languages does not award credit or a transcript to students who complete an Independent Study course.

The following units of credit are offered:

  • .25 = one semester middle school course
  • .5 = one semester high school course; one yearlong middle school course
  • 1 = one yearlong high school course

MINIMUM CREDIT REQUIREMENTS: To qualify for credit and receive a transcript, students must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Completing 60% of the total possible points showing on the progress bar
  • Participating in the mid-term and final exams
  • Completing course with a passing final grade of 60% or higher

Important: If a student has not met the above minimum requirements, no credit or transcript will be issued.

TRANSCRIPT REQUEST: To receive a transcript, students must send notification of course completion by submitting a written request with the following information to

  • Name
  • Title of the completed course
  • Date of course completion
  • Address to which the transcript should be mailed
  • Phone number of person requesting the transcript

Important: Transcripts must be requested within two years of course completion.

SEALED TRANSCRIPTS: Parents and students—Do NOT open your transcripts if you are going to be sending them to an academic institution. Please note that ONLY sealed transcripts are considered official documents.

TRANSCRIPT TIMELINE: Delivered within two to three weeks of request.

TRANSCRIPT COST: First transcript FREE. $5.00 per extra transcript

Meets ACTFL Standards

powerspeaK¹² courses are designed to meet the National Standards outlined by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL). ACTFL is the only national organization dedicated to the improvement and expansion of the teaching and learning of all languages at all levels of instruction throughout the United States. ACTFL and its affiliated organizations represent the educators who are committed to building language proficiency from Kindergarten students through adult learners. They provide advocacy, professional development opportunities, resources. and opportunities for members to interact and share ideas and experiences.

For more information, please visit the ACTFL website.

What People are saying

"I have so many wonderful things to say about the powerspeaK¹² program that I can’t pick just a few... This is not a 'quick fix' to learn German. It does take time and effort. But the best thing about this program is, it's fun. It's not intimidating or frustrating. Being a home-school mom, I've learned that the best curriculums are the ones that are enjoyed. They need to be challenging, not frustrating. That's what I've found with powerspeaK¹²... When we're on 'summer break' and the kids ask to do German, I've definitely found something they enjoy."

- Mrs. Tammy Lentz

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30 day money-back guarantee!

powerspeaK¹² is committed to providing the best online language courses available. If you are not completely satisfied with your course for any reason, contact us within 30 days of purchase and we will refund your money. We appreciate the opportunity to serve you and share the invaluable experience of learning a new language.

30 day money-back guarantee!